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TCS Camping Luzern - Horw (ex Steinibachried) ****

Recensione: 2.2 (1)
Posizione: No. 2 di 26 in Svizzera Centrale

Indirizzo: Seefeldstrasse
6048 Horw (Svizzera Centrale)

Zona: Lago dei Quattro Cantoni
Sito: Lago, Collegamenti ottimali, Città

Tel: +41 (0)41 3403558
Fax: +41 (0)41 3403556

Internet: E-mail
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Recensione di TCS Camping Luzern - Horw (ex Steinibachried)

Media della recensione complessiva 2.2
Dintorni 3.0 Parco 1.0 Alloggio 1.0
Tempo libero 3.0 Servizio 1.0 Servizi 4.0
1 Recensione

Hugely disappointing

Recensione di Deborah da Midlands Occidentali / Regno Unito, Settembre 2011
Lingua della recensione:
Travel date: Agosto 2011
Anni: 40-49 years
Length of stay: 1-3 Giorni
Type of accommodation: Tenda (personal)
Booking: Another offerer

We travelled for over 7 hours from Belgium, arriving at 2pm to find reception closed until 3pm, so we joined the queue at the gate. Reception did open earlier than expected at about 2.45pm, but that is about the last good thing that I have to say. Check in was very slow with so much seemingly irrelevant information required ( the border control officers were not interested in seeing my passport, why should the campsite need to see it, and record my date of birth and profession? We had booked a pitch for a small tent as we were only stopping for one night on our way to Italy and intended to pitch only a small two man back packing tent. We were offered two pitches, one of which we were told had a tree on it, shown to me on the diagram as being at the edge of the pitch. As it was very hot I though that this may afford some welcome shade. I paid there and then as we planned to be away before reception opened next day, the pitch cost 32CHF. The tree transpired to be large (trunk diameter approx 2-3 feet) and in the middle of the pitch. There was nowhere to pitch our small tent without it being over an uneven tangle of roots- this was not a viable tent pitch. The adjacent pitch was empty and remained so for the night, although it was badly rutted and not very grassy. I returned to reception but the queue had grown and was moving very slowly still. We were hot, tired and very disappointed so eventually in an effort to avoid wasting any more time we gave up waiting to speak to the receptionist and pitched on the very edge of the pitch almost on the road and slightly encroaching onto the occupied neighbouring pitch ( the young Dutch couple were very understanding).
We went to look at the other pitch that we had been offered and it was a sliver of grass adjacent to a caravan. My parents are experienced caravanners, they were horrified when they saw our photographs. In the UK for fire safety reasons campsites would never be as crowded as this one was.
Once you have unloaded your camping gear your car has to be parked outside the site in a car park, this is really inconvenient and meant that we had to keep in our tent things that we would normally keep in the car. As I have already mentioned that our tent is very small so this was not very convenient or comfortable. We were not very pleased with this arrangement from a security aspect either. The reason for this rule is clearly so that more units can be squeezed onto the site to increase profits.
From an aesthetic point of view the site was unpleasant, no view of the lake (thick and tall reeds) and several old and untidy caravans that look like they have been insitu for years.
We made our feelings very clear to a lady that worked for the site but no-one attempted to resolve the issues or even apologise - maybe she did not pass on our feelings to her superiors.
One positive point, the toilet block was clean and reasonably well equipped.
This campsite completely failed to offer anything like value for money. Unfortunately for an overnight stop on our journey I could not find alternatives without driving a long way off our route. If we did not have to be on the road early the next morning we would have been waiting for reception to open to demand a refund.
My advice is to avoid this site if at all possible, and if you can't don't enter with anything other than low expectations and a willingness to be ripped off!
Totale 2.2

Dintorni: 3.0
Parco di Vacanze 1.0
Alloggio 1.0
Tempo libero 3.0
Servizio 1.0
Servizi 4.0

Value for money: "malissimo"

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