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Gurteen Bay Caravan Accommodation

Recensione: 2.7 (1)
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Posizione: No. 1 di 30 in Connacht

Indirizzo: Roundstone (Connacht)

Zona: L'Irlanda (Isola)
Sito: Mare

Tel: +353 (0)95 35882

Internet: E-mail
Sito Web

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Recensione di Gurteen Bay Caravan Accommodation

Media della recensione complessiva 2.7
Dintorni 5.0 Parco 3.0 Alloggio 2.0
Tempo libero 2.0 Servizio 1.0 Servizi 3.0
1 Recensione

DO NOT STAY HERE. Warning the owner is horrendous.

Recensione di Jim da Leinster / Irlanda, Agosto 2014
Lingua della recensione:
Travel date: Agosto 2014
Anni: 50-59 years
Length of stay: 1-3 Giorni
Type of accommodation: Camper (personal)
Booking: Campeggio/Villaggio

Gurteen Bay Holiday caravan park
If you want friendly customer service from the owner of this park DO NOT STOP HERE.
A cautionary tale.
While circumnavigating the Wild Atlantic Way from cork through Clare and into Galway, and planning our stops along this fantastic route, we searched for a park to overnight near Roundstone co. Galway and found the Gurteen Holiday caravan Park by google. It showed promise and is ASCI approved. A phone call to the park should have raised concerns as a woman answered. It felt like I was talking into the void ( no or little feedback, the conversation was stilted). I enquired if a pitch was available to over night for a motorhome, two adults with power. I was informed that a pitch was available and given the rate. I was then asked for my name which I gave. I asked was the park east or west of Roundstone, to which I was told about a mile and a half west. I was given no other information that may have avoided what then followed.
We arrived at Roundstone village late morning and stopped to have lunch, after which we continued a few kilometres west to Gurteen. This park has a main entrance on the main road (but beyond the first signposted turn for this park coming from Roundstone village). The first signposted turn off from Roundstone leads to Gurteen Beach (serviced by a co council car park) with a beach entrance gate to Gurteen Holiday Park.
At this point I would like to state that I was responsible for the accident that subsequently occurred, but like all accidents there were a number of factors that were contributory.
The road to Gurteen park beach entrance ( where the park shop and reception are located ) is narrow. The Gateway entrance into Gurteen Park is masked on the right by trees with two very Indistinct signposts (one small and brown - co council required - details very crowded and unreadable unless at walking pace) and another pointing to the gate saying shop & reception - also indistinct and easily missed even at the 10 kph speed we travelled at ). Public parking begins almost immediately outside the entrance gate to the beach. We inadvertently drove past the gate and stopped. Realising that traffic was following us and faced with what appeared to be a full beach carpark with very limited turning Space as far as we could see, I decided ( as the driver ) to reverse into the Gurteen holiday park gateway as it appeared to offer the best way to enter, if a little unorthodox. I was given reversing instructions by my wife who stood behind. Having made the initial attempt, stopping momentarily, a second attempt was made after some repositioning by driving forward which unfortunately resulted in contact being made with the Gurteen park gate pillar. Our manoeuvring was watched and witnessed by the occupants of a Black jeep that had driven behind us (and which prevented a full reverse up the road past the gate allowing us to enter normally. The driver of this black jeep, it transpired, is the owner of Gurteen Caravan Park.
NO ASSISTANCE was offered to us at any time by the owner. NONE.
Having collided with the gate, the owner of the park exited his jeep and proceeded to berate my wife with a torrent of abuse, I Quote ;
What the hell are you reversing into my gateway ?
Where did you stay last night??? (My wife replied with our previous park location asking what this had to do with anything).
I knew it, I knew you were "cheapies" as soon as I saw you reversing into my gate.???
You cheapies don't want to pay for facilities???
My wife was dumbfounded.
I (politely) informed him that his attitude was completely unhelpful and would not resolve anything. He continued to rant about "cheapies" until I questioned him as to what he was inferring ? I then informed him we were in fact booked into his park. This momentarily stopped his rant. Followed by a terse reply " you're booked in" ??? After which he continued with his "cheapies" comments . Once again I told him his comments were offensive, had nothing to do with accident, and would not help the situation. I informed him that the priority was to unblock the beach car park roadway. To which he replied I don't give a damn about the road you've damaged my gate.
His attitude was EXTREMELY rude, irrate and unhelpful.
The gate pillar came off best. (suffering one castellated topping stone being dislodged ). He continued RANTING for several minutes more, that the motorhome would have to be lifted off the gate pillar by car jack, until a very kind English gentleman offered a solution on how to move the motorhome off the gate (by driving) with minimal further damage. (I am deeply indebted to this man for his assistance). The park owner then DISAPPEARED as we parked outside the park reception shop to assess the damage. A young gentlemen then approached us from the park shop indicating that he was a member of staff and enquired about the damage and could he be of any assistance. He offered an apology for the treatment we had received from his employer and that his employer would most likely call to see us later, to which my wife replied that she was grateful for his support but that he should not apologise for someone's else's behaviour. He further stated that he personally never uses this entrance and that the main entrance gate was much safer. We decided to stay the night at the park, despite our treatment. This we now completely staying.
Our advice - DO NOT STAY HERE - two other people staying on the park indicated that the behaviour of the park owner was to be expected. This park owner did not approach us after the incident despite our pitch being directly opposite the park reception. The following morning we enquired in the shop about the park owners whereabouts and were informed that he was away. The young gentleman apologised that the owner had not made contact with us. As we left the park ( by the main entrance) We found the owner attending horses in a field adjacent to the main entrance. He was informed (politely) b
Totale 2.7

Dintorni: 5.0
Parco di Vacanze 3.0
Alloggio 2.0
Tempo libero 2.0
Servizio 1.0
Servizi 3.0

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