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Campingplatz Moselbogen

Recensione: 4.7 (2)
Posizione: No. 78 di 114 in Renania-Palatinato

Indirizzo: Am Gülser Moselbogen 20
56072 Coblenza (Renania-Palatinato)

Zona: Westerwald
Sito: Fiume, Città

Tel: +49 (0)261 44474
Fax: +49 (0)261 44494

Internet: E-mail
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Recensione di Campingplatz Moselbogen

Media della recensione complessiva 4.7
Dintorni 5.0 Parco 4.7 Alloggio 4.0
Tempo libero 4.3 Servizio 5.0 Servizi 5.0
2 Recensioni

fix the price first

Recensione di chris da Est dell'Inghilterra / Regno Unito, Settembre 2011
Lingua della recensione:
Travel date: Agosto 2011
Anni: 50-59 years
Length of stay: 1-3 Giorni
Type of accommodation: Tenda (personal)
Booking: No previous booking

was clean well laid out though the tent bit was a bit hickledy pickldy, basicly shown on map of site where tents could go and left to it, so a few tents took up so much spasce being pitched by inconciderate campersm with the electriacl hook up so far away couldnt use it, we had to squeeze in under a tree at wierd angle with some of the tent lines tied to camp siter fence. the tent pitches are about 200 yards from the washing wc block which where spotless, and there is in the washing up bit 2 cooker tops of 2 electric hot plates all free, in casse as we did, you run out of camping gas half way through cooking dinner.
they rented push bikes from a well stocked camp shop and bakersfreshly baked rolls for breakfasst, and there was a cafe 'snelly' in the evening with a bar everything with chips !
although we booked a small tent by uk standards, and there was just 2 of us, at check out i was pressented with a bill of 52 euros twice the original advertised price on line, they said we had a large tent and not small and suddenly no one spoke english anymore including the owner who the night before had been fulent, to arruge the point of the bill.
if we ever go back will fix the price before pitching so no bitter 'rip off the brits' after taste in the mouth

Excursion tips: rhine in flames, though parking cost 25 euros for the day

Totale 4.8

Dintorni: 5.0
Parco di Vacanze 5.0
Alloggio 4.0
Tempo libero 5.0
Servizio 5.0
Servizi 5.0

Value for money: "mediamente"

Particolarmente consigliabile per "Coppie"

Mosel Urlaub

Recensione di Hans da Bassa Austria / Austria, Settembre 2010
Lingua della recensione:
Travel date: Settembre 2010
Anni: 60-69 years
Length of stay: 4-7 Giorni
Type of accommodation: Roulotte (personal)
Booking: No previous booking

Il campeggio è ben consigliato! Speciale per chi cerca la tranquillità ma anche un luogo ideale per escursioni e visite alle aziende agricole marmellate!

Excursion tips: Radfahren entlang der Mosel

Totale 4.3

Dintorni: 5.0
Parco di Vacanze 4.0
Alloggio 4.0
Tempo libero 3.0
Servizio 5.0
Servizi 5.0

Value for money: "bene"

Particolarmente consigliabile per "Anziani"

I award a prize as "Top nature holidays"

Do you generally like animation program? "I don't care"

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9 km/h
Minimo: -3º C

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Ultimo aggiornamento di Campingplatz Moselbogen: Gennaio 2012

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