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Autocamp Semín pod Troskami

Recensione: 1 (1)
Posizione: No. 6 di 9 in Liberec (Liberecký)

Indirizzo: Troskovice 18
512 63 Troskovice (Liberec (Liberecký))
Repubblica Ceca

Zona: Monti dei Giganti
Sito: Lago

Tel: +420 724 140 000

Internet: E-mail
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Annunci Rentocamp
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Recensione di Autocamp Semín pod Troskami

Media della recensione complessiva 1.0
Dintorni 1.0 Parco 1.0 Alloggio 1.0
Tempo libero 1.0 Servizio 1.0 Servizi 1.0
1 Recensione

Never again!

Recensione di Eva da Praga (Hlavní město Praha) / Repubblica Ceca, Settembre 2012
Lingua della recensione:
Travel date: Settembre 2012
Anni: 30-39 years
Length of stay: 1-3 Giorni
Type of accommodation: Roulotte (personal)
Booking: Another offerer

My negative experience with this device are so strong that they are Not Lazy and immediately write this review. Definitely do not recommend anyone to go there! Mr. owner is uncomfortable, nervous guy who would definitely not work with people. By continuing to access the site will become automatically a member of a club that has its own rules. If you violate this, according to the order you have to pay exorbitant fines. Including fines for full bins placed in apartments or removing sheets from used bedding, which I at the accommodation for 500 CZK per night took as a standard service provided by the landlord. The fact that you become a member of the club is said to learn some of the signs that we never saw, and none of the staff did not inform us about it. Behavior of Mr. Owner and other staff is really unbelievable ! Eating at a local restaurant has become nearly impossible things, it is not possible to order anything.
The owner even shut down the restaurant, even though we were staying in place. We were group of 40 people. Just awe and terror!!! I have visited a lot of places around the world, but with such arrogant behaviour, I never met!
As for the camp or campsite or karavankemp to completely forget! There were no toilets, showers or even electric. connections - nothing. You can graciously park in the meadow. I really can not recommend this place :-(
It's a shame, because the object is located in a beautiful environment, but unfortunately neither beautiful surroundings not make up such an unpleasant accommodation experience.
Totale 1.0

Dintorni: 1.0
Parco di Vacanze 1.0
Alloggio 1.0
Tempo libero 1.0
Servizio 1.0
Servizi 1.0

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Milano 1.041 km
Napoli 1.562 km
Palermo 2.008 km
Roma 1.420 km
Torino 1.198 km
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Tempo (Pardubice, 15.10.2018, 12:00 / ora locale)

sereno sereno Pressione: 1019 hPa
Umidità: 28 %
Attuale: 21º C Vento: sud-est
Massimo: 23º C Intensità del vento: Vento moderato,
20 km/h
Minimo: 15º C

Clima Troskovice

Max. temperatura
Min. temperatura [°C]
Eliofania [h/d]

Mese 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12

Max °C
Min °C
3 4 6 1010111211 8 5 3 3


ubytování, restaurace, turistika, dovolená, workshop, cykloturistika, apartmány

Ultimo aggiornamento di Autocamp Semín pod Troskami: Maggio 2012

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